Regulation Department

The Regulation Department is responsible for both economic and technical regulation of the electricity supply industry with a recently added function to regulate downstream licensing and inspection of petroleum activities. This entails setting and approving tariffs, prices and charges and conditions of services provided by licensed entities in order to ensure a fair balance between the needs of the customers and regulated entities. It also covers provision of technical support required in licensing, development of regulatory instruments as well as monitoring and enforcement of technical compliance rules, standards and codes to ensure safe, reliable and quality supply. Other activities include tracking of energy sector developments and activities to better inform regulatory and policy decisions.

The Department is structured into two sub-units namely; Oil and Gas and Electricity with the Electricity Unit further divided into Technical Regulation and Economic Regulation sections.

Key functions

  1. establish and implement economic regulation methodologies relating to electricity tariffs, pricing and charges.

  2. develop and enforce performance standards for licensed activities.

  3. prepare industry reports and gather information from licensed entities.

  4. approve codes of conduct in respect of the operation of licensed activities.

  5. implement energy policies in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy and other industry stakeholders.