The CEO Office Unit

The CEO Office Unit is responsible for ensuring effective and efficient management of the office of the CEO and its operations, and ensuring that minutes and records of internal management meetings are kept. It also coordinates all national, regional and international activities including the development of cooperation with other regulatory authorities, regulatory associations and development partners. The Unit is also responsible for procuring the services of providing independent and objective internal audit and assurance services designed to add value and improve on ESERA’s operations. This Unit also liaises with stakeholders and attends to customer complaints, including the promotion of customer education. The Unit is also responsible for positioning and promoting the image of ESERA through an approved communication and stakeholder management strategy/policy.

Consumer Affairs And Stakeholder Management - This unit liaises with stakeholders, attends to customer complaints and promotes customer education. The unit is also responsible for the coordination of awareness to energy industry activities and developments. It also collects the opinions of all stakeholders during tariff reviews.