Fuel Testing Laboratory

The Laboratory was established to assist in providing objective evidence of compliance to fuel quality and standard adherent for Fuel imported into Eswatini. It is located in Sandla, behind DIVT Offices, Opposite ECOT, Somhlolo Road, Mbabane. The following services are available at the Lab:

  • Sampling
  • Testing

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To ensure that fuel that is consumed by the end user is of the right quality and specification, the Authority conducts sampling. Quality Inspectors collect samples around the country, following an annual schedule to ensure that all retail sites or filling stations and wholesale depots are inspected and sampled. Furthermore, the Authority conducts sampling at the point of entry or border gates as fuel arrives into the country. At the filling station / wholesale depot, Quality Inspectors produce their ESERA identity cards for identification and before conducting sampling work. This is essential to avoid illegal activity.

1.1 How is sampling conducted at filling stations?
  • Fuel density is checked.
  • Water content checked.
  • About 500ml of fuel sample is withdrawn for analysis following approved sampling techniques and equipment to ensure product integrity at the tank is maintained.
1.2 How is sampling conducted at borders and depots?

ESERA has a fully equipped mobile laboratory which conducts onsite tests of the following parameters:

  • Fuel density checks.
  • Water content checks.
  • Sulphur content checks.
  • RON and MON checks
  • Distillation points


  • Samples are withdrawn by Quality Inspectors from tanks and tanker compartments using approved techniques and equipment.
  • It takes a maximum of 20 minutes per sample to run all tests.



The Laboratory checks compliance of fuel products according to Eswatini Standards Authority (SWASA) published standards:

  • SZNS 016:2012 (Unleaded petrol)
  • SZNS 017:2012 (Automotive diesel fuel)

These Standards are available to the public through SWASA.

Members of the general public are allowed to submit samples of fuel for testing. At the moment, testing is conducted at no cost. The following is required for submission:

  • Adequate product samples (minimum 500ml)
  • Product samples must be in clean glass containers without leaks
  • To submit a fuel sample, follow these 2 simple steps:
    1. Complete a Request Form and submit it to ESERA physically or via email to info@esera.org.sz or WhatsApp +268 7808 7920.
    2. Submit sample to the Laboratory for analysis upon the appropriate response from ESERA.