The Energy Regulatory Authority established under the Energy Regulatory Authority Act, 2007

A person supplied or entitled to be supplied with electricity by any licensee or supplier



Grid Code
A national grid code or similar regulation of national application prescribed by the authority, relating to the planning, scheduling or dispatch of electrical energy in Swaziland

The production of electricity in generating stations regardless of how such stations are fuelled or driven, and “generate” and “generating” have corresponding meanings;

A person or entity generating electricity;

Generating station
Any station for generating electricity including any building, plant and machinery used for the purpose and all accessories necessarily incidental thereto, together with the site thereof, and any site intended to be used for such a station;

The holder of a licence granted or deemed to be granted by the Authority under the Energy Regulatory Authority Act, 2007 for the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity;

Electricity network not connected to the main national electricity supply grid network;

Purchase, rental or corresponding transactions in respect of goods, services and works in all parts of the electricity supply industry and in particular in power generation;

The purchase and sale of electricity and activities or services associated therewith, and “supplying” has a corresponding meaning;

Includes the ownership, operation, management or control of transmission facilities for whatever purpose, and “transmit” and “transmitting” have corresponding meanings;



Any person, other than a retailer or wholesaler who acquires petroleum products for personal use and not for the purpose of sale, exchange or otherwise disposal to any other person.

Commercial Consumer
Any person, other than a retailer or wholesaler, who does not import petroleum products, but procures petroleum products within Eswatini in commercial quantity, directly from a wholesaler for own use and not for sale.

Commercial quantity
A quantity of petroleum products, prescribed in regulations, to be purchased by a commercial consumer.

The operator of a petroleum retail outlet.

Retail outlet
Any place where a petroleum product is sold or offered for sale to a customer on a retail price, and includes the buildings, storage tanks and dispensing pumps in respect of which a retailer is conducting retail sale.

Any person who purchases and imports petroleum products and sells or distributes same in bulk commercial quantities to consumers, or commercial consumers, or retailers.

A legal document granted in accordance with the Petroleum Act of 2020.

A holder of a Petroleum Licence.