Compliance And Monitoring

After issuing a licence or exemption, the Authority monitors the licencee’s compliance to the conditions outlined in the licence, the Grid Code, the quality of service standard (SZNS 026) and the Quality of Supply Standard (SZNS 028). It is essential for all licencees to comply to these conditions and standards, as outlined in the Electricity Act of 2007.

The licence conditions are accustomed to the licensee’s business setting as seen fit by the Authority, and may differ for different licence holders. The standards, however, are mandatory for every licensee to comply.

  1. Quality of Service Standard (SZNS 026)

    This standard outlines various service activities and the minimum standards for measuring the quality of service delivered to customers. These services include:

    • Processing of requests for supply
    • Credit metering
    • Prepayment metering
    • Network interruptions
    • Customer complaints, enquiries and requests
    • Customer education and forums
    • Management of disconnections
  2. Quality of supply Standard (SZNS 028)

    This standard specifies the voltage characteristics, compatibility levels, limits and assessment methods for the quality of electricity supplied by Licensees to consumers.

  3. Grid Code

    This is a set of documents that legally establish technical and other requirements for the connection to and use of an electrical utility in a manner that will ensure reliable, efficient, and safe operation.

The Quality of Service Standard and Quality of Supply documents may be purchased at Eswatini Standards Authority (SWASA).