ESERA was established in terms of the Energy Regulatory Act, 2007. This Act mandates the Authority to administer the Electricity Act, 2007 (Act No.3 of 2007) and the Petroleum Act, 2020. ESERA has the primary and core responsibilities of exercising control over the Eswatini Supply Industry (ESI) and ensuring the security of supply of electricity through the issuance of licenses and the regulation of electricity tariffs and quality of supply and services. Furthermore, the Authority regulates the petroleum industry through the licensing and inspection of downstream activities.

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Monday, 3 July 2023


In previous times, Emaswati considered electricity as a luxury, however, as times evolved, this luxury turned into a basic need. Today, electricity is one of the most sought for sources of energy in the country, which raised the need for increased capacity to meet the growing demand for a sustainable and reliable supply. The increased need for electricity inspired the country to put structures in place that will ensure sustainable electricity supply for the nation. As part of this strategy, the Eswatini Government developed the Energy Policy of 2003 which has since been amended in 2018 which was developed to address energy issues in light of the national development plan with renewable and energy from other alternative sources as a cornerstone of the Policy.

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