Governance Structure

Board of Directors Composition and Responsiblilities

The Board of Directors is responsible for strategic leadership and guidance and ensuring that the Authority remains an effective energy regulator by promoting a viable and sustainable local energy industry. The Board is composed in terms of the Energy Regulatory Act of 2007, read with the PEU Act of 1989.

The Authority is guided by the principles of good corporate governance in the discharge of its responsibilities. The Board is focused in providing strategic leadership to the Authority by ensuring that its Vision and Mission are achieved. The Authority has been able to achieve this by having a value system that supports the Vision and Mission of the organisation.

The values of the Authority are: Professionalism, Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Fairness, Accessibility and Responsiveness.

The Board of Directors of the Authority and its committees are responsible for corporate governance throughout the organization from a strategic perspective.

Board Committees

The Board Committees discharge their responsibilities following the principles of good corporate governance. Their broad responsibilities are as indicated in figure 2 below.

Board Committees Responsibilities  





Responsible for accounting and financial reporting processes, the systems of internal control, internal and external audit processes, risk management and compliance with laws

Responsible for a attracting retaining and motivating employees.

Responsible for the assessment, approval and monitoring of licenses, prices and tariffs as well as quality of service, stakeholder management and consumer awareness