The Eswatini Energy Regulatory Authority, ESERA, is a category A public enterprise which was established in terms of the Energy Act of 2007. The Authority is mandated to:

  • Administer the Electricity Act, 2007 (Act No.3 of 2007), with the primary and core responsibilities of exercising control over the electricity supply industry (ESI) and ensuring the security of supply of electricity through the issuance of licences and the regulation of electricity tariffs and quality of supply and services.
  • Administer the Petroleum Act of 2020, through the licencing and inspection of downstream activities.

Our Vision

To be recognized as an independent and effective energy regulator in the region.

Our Mission

To ensure an inclusive, viable and sustainable energy industry, through impartial, effective and efficient regulation.

Our Values

Professionalism: In doing our business, we conduct ourselves with high standards of behaviour, competence and excellence and continually evaluate our performance.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves with high level of honesty, sincerity and consistency.

Transparency: We conduct our business in an open manner, explain our decisions and processes, and, subject to legislation, make relevant information available.

Accountability: We take responsibility and own up to our decisions and actions, and account for their outcomes.

Fairness: When dealing with our stakeholders, we are objective, impartial and deal with matters at hand on their own merits.

Accessibility and responsiveness: We are sensitive to the needs of our stakeholders, consult them, and within reasonable limits, are available to respond to their queries speedily.

Functions of ESERA

ESERA’s functions are based on strategic objectives designed for the Authority to effectively achieve its mandate:

  1. To regulate the electricity industry in a manner that is transparent, fair, and predictable.
  2. To promote an environment that will ensure universal access to electricity services and products.
  3. To regulate in a manner that ensures security of supply and promotes the integrity and sustainability of the electricity industry.
  4. To promote a regulatory environment that ensures fair competition in the electricity industry.
  5. To regulate in a manner that ensures efficiency of service provision and that regulated entities have the ability to finance their activities.
  6. To promote the interest of the public and customers in respect of prices, charges and quality of supply.
  7. To be an effective organisation that delivers on its mandate and mission.

Legislation Framework

In terms of section 5 of the Energy Regulatory Act, 2007 the functions of the Authority include but not limited to the following:

  • Issues licences to electricity undertakings;
  • Regulate and approve tariffs, charges and conditions of services provided by licenced entities;
  • Ensure security of supply;
  • Receive, investigate and adjudicate complaints;
  • Set quality of supply and service standards in the electricity industry;
  • Promote the interest of consumers whilst maintaining the integrity and sustainability of regulated entities;
  • Promote consumer awareness and education in the electricity industry;
  • Monitor levels and structures of competition, promote and establish controls to ensure competition in electricity production and distribution; and
  • Develop and enforce performance standards for the licensed activities.